Smart concept

Nearby hostel is a concept made with just one purpose – to provide additional accommodation where it’s needed the most. Think music festivals, sporting events, fairs or any place where extra room is precious. Besides being comfortable, affordable and hip, Nearby hostel is always just around the corner from your favorite event.

What’s so smart about Nearby?

Today in Paris.
Tomorrow, maybe in London.

Ready to use in
30 minutes upon arrival.

Expands triple in size to
accommodate 26 people.

No keys. Unlock the door
with your smartphone.

Noisy people next door?
We’re sound insulated.

Own air conditioning,
electricity & water supply.

Eco-friendly showers.
70% less water usage.

You simply can’t get lost.
Our app will bring you back.

Convertible 3-mode beds:
Couch, double & bunk bed.

Coffee first thing in the morning?
Available. Drinks and snacks too.

Everything in our hostel is
foldable & space-friendly.

Maximum comfort in 3m².
Sounds amazing, right?

Check out

the story behind the Nearby hostel: how it all started & what’s next to happen.


  • manual symmetrical extension mechanism
  • resistant structure
  • air conditioning system (heating & cooling)
  • silent 15 kW power generator
  • 4 bathrooms (2 with showers)
  • water tank (2 m3)
  • waste water tank (2 m3)
  • total number of beds: 26
  • 7 rooms with 2 beds & 1 room with 4 beds
  • 1 dormitory with 8 beds
  • rooms equipped with TV, fridge & AC
  • Wi-Fi
  • tables & chairs
  • sound & thermal insulated

Who knows more?

Ivan Malic
Ivan Malic
Mihovil Grguric
Mihovil Grguric
Tin Vidovic
Tin Vidovic

Nearby is coming soon! Sign up & Stay tuned.